How to stay on the labor market?

Technological changes as well as changing knowledge might cause a loss of competitiveness on your side. When your work is becoming inefficient, your employee might have to find a solution – not always favorable for you. How to prevent such situation?

1. Remember everything changes

Your job will not be the same for your whole career – prepare for it and try to make sure you adapt quickly. Doctors have to deal with new medical findings, employees with changing computer systems and ever newer amenities etc. If you want to stay on the labor market like no problem, you have to adapt to the changing circumstances quickly. Look at this as an opportunity: if you will stay up-to-date, you will likely get more interesting jog offers.

2. Work on your resume

Remember, that even the resumes change over time. Computer programms give you more opportunities to work on it and make it more interesting, elegant and professional. Check some resume examples in the internet – most of them are using templates, which look way different than those from many years ago. If you want to find a new job – keep your master resume in a modern form.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask

Many people don’t ask questions, because they are afraid, that their co-workers will find them incompetent. Imagine a hypothetical situation: you are about to prepare a very important report, but you’re having some issues. Instead of asking someone with bigger experience for help, you struggle for a long time and finally, deliver a report, which isn’t quite right. Your effort had two effects: one, being final product, which is useless for the recipient and must be done once more. The second is you, looking bad in eyes of your supervisors. Now, try ty see this situation goind slightly different: instead of working alone, you punctuate your issues to a colleague with bigger experience and you inform him/her, where does your trouble come from. They help you out and the report is ready. The effect? One: your report is made properly, two: your boss is happy with your work, three: you’ve gained new competences.

4. Try to develop some skills and go to courses whenever you can

Of course, we’re not saying that you should stop sleeping and start a few courses at the same time to stay up-to-date. Instead, try to use the opportunities provided by your employer. If he’s offering you a course – take it, even if it’s not something related to your profession. On today’s labor market, literally every competency might help you to stay competitive!