Re-brand as a CNC machine operator

For many people, finding stable employment and earning decent money are important factors when considering a career change. Such was the case for me, a humanist by profession and librarian by trade. After years of working in the field, I began to feel restless and unsatisfied with my job prospects.

It was during this period of uncertainty that my cousin approached me with an idea that would change my life forever. He suggested that I consider becoming a CNC machine operator. At first, I was hesitant. I knew very little about CNC machines and had never considered a career in manufacturing.

However, my cousin’s enthusiasm and encouragement convinced me to give it a try. I began researching the field and quickly realized that there was a high demand for skilled CNC operators. The job offered the stability and income that I was looking for, and I found the prospect of learning a new skill both challenging and exciting.

With my mind made up, I enrolled in a course for CNC machine operators. The course was intensive and cost me 800 euros, but it was worth every penny. I was introduced to the basics of CNC technology, including programming and operating the machines.

During the course, I discovered that my inquisitiveness and desire to learn and develop helped me immensely. I asked questions, paid attention to detail, and worked hard to understand the complexities of the machines. I also learned that patience and full concentration are qualities needed in this profession. One small mistake in programming or operating the machines could lead to costly errors and lost time.

After completing the course, I was fortunate enough to find a job as a CNC machine operator in a manufacturing company. The job was challenging but also rewarding. I was able to apply what I learned in the course and gained valuable experience on the job.

However, I quickly realized that practice is very important. The more I worked with the machines, the better I became at understanding their intricacies and potential. I learned to troubleshoot problems, create efficient programming, and produce high-quality products.

Sometimes you have to change residence to get a good job, I left sunny Spain and checked into Germany.

In conclusion, my journey from humanist to CNC machine operator was a challenging but rewarding experience. I found the stability and income that I was looking for, and I gained a new skill set that will serve me well in the future. With patience, concentration, and a willingness to learn, anyone can succeed in this field.